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    14 2015.12
    Fume purification equipment suction better?

    Oil fume purification equipment has become a household kitchen or commercial kitchen, one of the essential kitchen equipment, the use of the home is a large range of smoke exhaust machine, and the commercial kitchen is equipped with a large range of oil fume hood and other equipment. Now many manufacturers have declared that they have a strong suction of the oil fume purification products, can completely exhaust fumes and so on. But the suction is a good smoke purification equipment?

    14 2015.12
    Exploration: domestic overall cabinet market towards intelligent development journey!

    The whole cabinet product market also rare, the current cabinet fit the intelligent and humane characteristics, the "three combination" characteristics, they come from Haier BOLONI whole kitchen cabinets, kitchen cabinets, gold. The future of China's cabinet will be in the professional development of precision, planning, branding in three directions.

    14 2015.12
    Hongkong Huanqiu stoves to catering kitchen revolution

    I came 25 days on September 22nd in Guangzhou Pazhou Complex "Chinese catering industry joint acquisition conference and Chinese catering equipment, food, information, supply and service exhibition attracted overseas major food companies and major food suppliers to participate in Hongkong, the furnace industry commercial electric power environmental protection kitchen equipment series will be no fire, environmental protection, energy saving, emission reduction characteristics of the catering industry experts attract attention.

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Long to Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as long) was founded in 1997, is the construction and operation of individual investment enterprises, the registered capital of 5 million u..

The company is located in Guangzhou Panyu District Shiji Town, covers an area of 7000 square meters. At present, there are more than 100 employees, which more than 20 electrical technology R & D engineers, more than 10 intelligent kitchenware design engineer, powerful e-commerce and marketing team, high-quality after-sales service team, a comprehensive human resources supporting to ensure company can quickly and accurate every time meet customer needs.

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